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A Southern Pacific track gang hard at work in Ennis, Texas in 1949. Photo by J. F. Curry, Dave Bernstein Collection.
A switch engine stops at Centerville, California in the early 60s. Robert Morris photo.
A Southern Pacific mechanical department employee gets ready to check a locomotive. Photo by Southern Pacific.
Southern Pacific narrow gauge locomotive No. 9 makes its last run in 1959. Photo by John West.
Southern Pacific steam locomotive 2851 spends its last days at Bakersfield, California in November 1955. Photo by Ed Von Nordeck, Evan Werkema Collection.
Southern Pacific train dispatcher at Ennis, Texas late 40s. Photo by J. F. Curry, Dave Bernstein Collection.
Extra SSW 8044 West at Lawrence, Kansas on August 7, 1991. Photo by Dave Bernstein.
SP locomotive 5434 and a mate enter the turntable at Dunsmuir, California in 1959. Photo by Robert Morris.
A local train consisting of mostly empty sugar beet cars departs Bakersfield, California in 1964. Photo by Pete Baumhefner.
The train order operator at Corsicana, Texas takes a call. Photo by William J. Neill, Dave Bernstein Collection.
The "Coast Daylight" hustles out of Glendale, California in 1960. Photo by Robert Morris.
The rear brakeman on a westbound gives a roll by to an eastbound at Eagle Lake, Texas on January 19, 1985. Photo by Dave Bernstein.
The Dennison, Texas local crew proudly poses for a photograph in October, 1986. Photo by William J. Neill, Dave Bernstein Collection.
SP Extra 6354 West rolls through OBrien, California in the early 60s. Photo by Robert Morris.
An Oregon local crew poses for their photograph.
SP locomotive 7230 rests on the siding at Guadalupe, California. Photo by Leslie Savoye.
Two Texas and New Orleans (T&NO) numbered locomotives at work in San Antonio, Texas in 1960. Photo by Roger Puta, Marty Bernard Collection.
Local SP crews work the Ozol Yard near Martinez, California in the mid 90s. Photo by Pete Baumhefner.
SP employees are busy at work at the Houston, Texas tower. Southern Pacific photo.
A Maintenance of Way crane helps remove a bridge deck near Mescal, Arizona in 1974. Photo by Mike McGinley.
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Our mission is to provide a digital presentation of the history of the Southern Pacific System from the creation of its first predecessor company in 1853 until its merger with Union Pacific in 1996, through a comprehensive, searchable website. Our objective is to present Southern Pacific’s rich history by providing documents, photographs, graphs, drawings, maps, videos, podcasts, Zoom interviews and presentations, and more related to the diverse group of women and men from multiple national origins who were instrumental in the success of the Southern Pacific.

A railroad bridge over an arm of the Llano River, on Southern Pacific’s abandoned 29-mile branch line between Burnet and Llano, Texas. This photo was taken in April 2012 by Buddy Park.


The vision of the Southern Pacific History Center is to create an online digital library consisting of Southern Pacific System related documents, photographs, drawings, maps, videos, podcasts, Zoom interviews and presentations, and more for research and the enjoyment of future generations to come.

We welcome all to become members of the History Center regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, religion or not, national origin, disability, or age.

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