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SP 5873 rests between helper runs at the Colton, California helper track in February 1965. Photo by Pete Baumhefner
The Phoenix to El Paso manifest train (PXEPY) gets ready to depart Phoenix, Arizona in November 1980. Vic Neves collection, courtesy Western Railway Museum. Photo by Dick Campbell.
SP 9612 meets a Belt Railway of Chicago locomotive in Chicago in May 1992. Photo courtesy of Sean Graham White collection.
Southern Pacific's brand new Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) March 1987. Photo by Chuck Fox.
Northwestern Pacific train No. 3, the "Redwood", with SP-10, SP's only Budd built RDC, meets a train at Ft. Seward, California in January 1971. Marty Bernard collection. Photo by Roger Puta.
SP 9021, a German built Krauss-Maffei diesel hydraulic locomotive, waits with a westbound train at Sacramento, California in November 1965. Photo by Pete Baumhefner.
SP Train No. 90, the eastbound "Coast Mail", passes Burbank Jct., California in the Summer of 1960. Photo by Robert Morris.
Maintenance of Way experts gas weld rail ends near Mescal, Arizona in 1973. Photo by Mike McGinley.
SP Train No. 52, the "San Joaquin Daylight", has just arrived Bakersfield, California in July 1964. Photo by Pete Baumhefner.
The rear brakeman gives a friendly wave from Cab 4680 on the rear end of a westbound freight on SP's Coast Line near McKay, California in September 1981. Marty Bernard collection. Photo by Roger Puta.
A heavy eastbound grinds up Beaumont Hill near El Casco, California in September 1979. Photo by Pete Baumhefner.
SP Train No. 10, the "Shasta Daylight", rolls up the Sacramento River Canyon in the Summer of 1962. Photo by Robert Morris.
SP Extra 7030 West, powered by experimental Sulzer diesel locomotives in an SP experimental paint scheme, rolls down the Sacramento River Canyon on the locomotives' inaugural run in March 1978. Marty Bernard collection. Roger Puta photo.
In a once in a lifetime operation, SP Krauss-Maffei locomotive No. 9120 heads up a special excursion train at Fruitvale, California on April 30, 1967. Vic Neves collection courtesy Western Railway Museum. Ed Graham photo.
SP Extra 7127 East, led by an Alco-628 type locomotive, enters Bakersfield, California on a wet December 1964 day. Photo by Pete Baumhefner.
SP Extra 7480 West meets SP Extra 8261 East at Caliente, California in December 1983. Photo by Peter Baumhefner.
SP Extra 8329 West rolls through Woodford, California in the mid 1980s. Photo by Leslie Savoye.
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Our mission is to provide a digital presentation of the history of the Southern Pacific System from the creation of its first predecessor company in 1853 until its merger with Union Pacific in 1996, through a comprehensive, searchable website. Our objective is to present Southern Pacific’s rich history by providing documents, photographs, graphs, drawings, maps, videos, podcasts, Zoom interviews and presentations, and more related to the diverse group of women and men from multiple national origins who were instrumental in the success of the Southern Pacific.

A railroad bridge over an arm of the Llano River, on Southern Pacific’s abandoned 29-mile branch line between Burnet and Llano, Texas. This photo was taken in April 2012 by Buddy Park.


The vision of the Southern Pacific History Center is to create an online digital library consisting of Southern Pacific System related documents, photographs, drawings, maps, videos, podcasts, Zoom interviews and presentations, and more for research and the enjoyment of future generations to come.

We welcome all to become members of the History Center regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, religion or not, national origin, disability, or age.

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