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Management Services

The vice  president – management  services is in charge of the following departments:

  1. Operating Data Systems

  The manager of operating data systems is responsible for: (1)  programming of the TOPS and TCC Systems,  (2) Operations Control and implementation of TOPS and TCC Systems and (3) Operating Field Services.

  Each of the three areas is headed by a Senior Assistant Manager who is responsible for the following:

A. Programming

          1. Program Design
          2. Application Programming and Testing
          3. Systems Programming and Testing
          4. Hardware Analysis
          5. Interface with other Computer Systems

B. Operations Control and Implementation

          1. Field and User Interface (24 hour desk)
          2. Concept Development
          3. Data Integrity Monitoring
          4. Education and Procedures
          5. TCC Implementation
          6. File and Table Maintenance
          7. Equipment Control
          8. On-line support
          9. Teleprocessing/Communications

C. Operating Field Services

          1. Yards and Terminals
          2. Agencies/Station Service
          3. Demurrage
          4. Station Closing Liaison
          5. Joint Facilities Liaison
          6. Service Bureau Monitoring
          7. Stations and building modification and design
          8. Field Implementation
          9. Field Clerical Functions
          10. Office equipment
          11. Operating, traffic, transportation, and accounting department liaison with field personnel
          12. Field training

2. Analytic Services

The manager of analytic services heads this department which is concerned with the application of operations research techniques to railroad and other corporate problems.

  1. Systems Research

The manager-systems research heads this department.  Its principal function is to oversee the design and implementation of computer projects used for management information purposes and to maintain the programs on a current basis.

A large portion of their force, under the jurisdiction of assistant managers, is responsible for the design of new computer systems, maintenance of completed projects as well as production of special reports as requested by other departments.

The initial technical training of programming personnel is also accomplished within the department.

  1. Data Processing

Data Processing is divided into two major areas, computer operations and data preparation.

Computer operations is responsible for operation of computers and related equipment. Included are computer systems supporting TOPS, TCC, and various management information systems.  Southern Pacific operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Data preparation serves all aspects of management information systems through the control and preparation of computer input data.  Responsibilities include document control and keypunching.

In the performance of its duties, data processing acts as a service bureau for all departments within Southern Pacific.

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