Southern Pacific Railroad History Center


The People of Southern Pacific

The employees of Southern Pacific had different life experiences,  a broad range of interests, and a multitude of educational backgrounds, but they had one thing in common: to keep the Southern Pacific operating efficiently.  They were women and men of various ethnicities, of different sexual orientations, and they worked together as a team. 

This area will include their stories about Southern Pacific employees and what Southern Pacific meant to them.  If you were an employee of Southern Pacific or are a relative or friend of someone who was, we would like to have your story, including pictures.  We are also developing an oral history project focused on the employees of Southern Pacific and every story is important to us.  Please contact the Southern Pacific Railroad History Center at,

Southern Pacific Corporate Run 1980s Jim
The above picture, taken in the late 1980s before a Southern Pacific sponsored corporate run in San Francisco, is an example of the diversity of the Southern Pacific workforce.  Photo courtesy of Jim Wilkins.
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