Southern Pacific Railroad History Center


Sales Department

To handle this important part of the business, the vast area covered by the Pacific Lines of Southern Pacific is separated into three regions, the heads of which report directly to the vice president sales on freight matters and to the general manager – Amtrak on passenger matters.

The three regions under the direction of an assistant vice president-sales are as follows:

  • Pacific Northwest Region
  • Pacific Central Region
  • Pacific Southwestern Region

The traffic functions on the Texas & Louisiana Lines are the responsibility of the assistant vice president – sales at Houston.  He/she also has the responsibility of the district sales offices in the southeastern region of the United States not served directly by the lines of Southern Pacific.  He/she reports to the vice president – sales.  Under their jurisdiction are the following four areas, each headed by an area sales manager:

  • Western area
  • Northern area
  • Eastern area
  • Southeastern area

Other Sales Offices

There are district sales offices established in key cities throughout the country not served directly served by the Southern Pacific System.

The  assistant vice president – sales has his/her headquarters in Chicago.  He/she reports to the vice president – sales. This region is divided into three main parts: the midwestern area with headquarters in Chicago; the eastern area with headquarters in New York City; and a central area headquartered in Cleveland.  The regional sales managers in charge of each of these areas report to the assistant vice president – sales.  Their duties are to develop and originate business, maintain contact with shippers, and advise of industrial prospects for Southern Pacific.


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