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Hello 4321:
I worked as Asst. Division Engineer at Tucson and I think I have a 1974 track chart stashed away somewhere. They are printed on 1″=1 mile scale for the main lines. I don’t have the branch line charts.
These charts do show spurs off the main track, but I think that you will be disappointed for places like Phoenix with long drill tracks are not included.
As you most likely know, there were very few customers along the main tracks. Most of the SP’s customers were the mines on the Nogales, Douglas, Globe, Hayden, and Clifton lines. The main line was much more about BSMs Auto Parts, and other bridge traffic.
It would be about an 85 page scan effort if I can find my copy. (ugh) My chart would have quite a few notes, maybe some of them identify who used the spurs, but not likely.
Mike McGinley

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