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Logging the Redwoods – Lynwood Carranco and John T. Labbe (1975) (E)


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The giant redwood trees are one of California’s best known attractions. Thousands of tourists visit the Northern California groves each year. The story of the California redwood lumber industry also tells the stories of the men, the trains, and the land.

This book is dedicated to the pioneer lumbermen who succeeded in launching careers as mill men by overcoming the tremendous obstacle of moving the giant redwoods from the woods to the mill, by inventing equipment strong enough to handle the gigantic logs, and by finding suitable markets for their lumber throughout the Pacific area; and to Augustus William Ericson and the other early photographers who preserved the early history of logging in pictures.

The book is in very good condition, the binding is strong and intact.  The dust cover shows very minor shelf wear.  There are no marks or writings in the book.

Publisher:      Caxton Press; 4th edition (December 31, 1975)

145 pages

ISBN-10:       0870043730

ISBN-13:       978-0870043734

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