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Billboard Refrigerator Cars by Hendrickson & Kaminski (W)


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Refrigerator cars were once decorated with advertising material and were very colorful and perhaps some were even artistic. This book focuses on the heyday between 1920 and 1937 when fleets of colorful privately owned and leased refrigerator cars plied the North American rails. With more than 440 photos, some in color, this volume shows the huge variety and decor used to promote products across America and Canada. In 1937 the ICC banned the use of these cars for advertisings ending an era of unique and colorful equipment roaming the railways. You can find out why the ICC did this when you read the book. The book is new with a dust jacket, published by Signature Press in 2008. Locator Box 6 ;and 10 in Locator Box 17A and 98


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